Testing, testing…

Welcome to WordPress. This is a test post just to see how content, fonts and formatting all come together based on some ongoing tinkering with the ‘Admired’ theme I’ve selected for use with WordPress.  Here comes a couple of cut/pasted paragraphs to give this a feel of a normal post.  Don’t get too attached to it as it’ll eventually go away.

I’m an engineer and tinkerer and needed a place where I could use the Internet to publish results of some of my projects. Facebook, Tumblr and blogs like WordPress are great for some things but they don’t give you complete freedom to combine information and images with active web content like Javascript. They also have limited ability to provide content for tablets, mobile devices, and the coming connectivity revolution associated with the Internet of Things. While I was able to avoid it for quite a few years, eventually I knew I’d need my own hosted web presence. So here we are…

Now some test code. First the full SyntaxHighlighter Extended plugin:

#body {
    background-color: #a0a0a0;
    font-family: MountainsofChristmas;

and then the ‘light’ rendering option of SyntaxHighlighter Extended:

% scp dbryant@ .

and finally use of the <pre> tag:

Raspberry Pi & cameraAnd a paragraph with a picture.  This is a photo of my Raspberry Pi with the camera attached. Installation is not hard, but you do need to be careful with the connector.