I'm an engineer and tinkerer and needed a place where I could use the Internet to publish results of some of my projects. Facebook, Tumblr and blogs like Wordpress are great for some things but they don't give you complete freedom to combine information and images with active web content like Javascript. They also have limited ability to provide content for tablets, mobile devices, and the coming connectivity revolution associated with the Internet of Things. While I was able to avoid it for quite a few years, eventually I knew I'd need my own hosted web presence. So here we are...

I'm still getting things on line, and am organizing around three categories - Blog, Applications and Articles. An attempt at a blog back in 2012 didn't go well because my aspirations for longer write-ups on my projects got in the way of shorter, more regular posts about what I was up to. This time my intention from the start is to have the blog be brief commentaries of a timely nature and keep the longer descriptive articles separate (and certainly fewer). The third category, Applications, will be where I can make available software I have written either as downloadable packages or, more likely, as web applications that can be used on desktop and mobile devices.

At the moment I have two applications up and running here. One is a tool that provides interactive graphical visualization of data from a home weather station I've built using some simple sensors, an Arduino, and a Raspberry Pi. (Details on the weather station are emerging through a series of posts in the Articles section, the first of which is here.) The other is a web page I've created to let me view multiple webcams at once as if they were a single large picture window. Links to these applications are in the navigation bar to the right, though you can also reach them via the 'Apps' link in the banner at the top of the page.