I'm an engineer and tinkerer and needed a place where I could use the Internet to publish and explore of some of my projects. Blogs like Wordpress and collaboration sites like Github are great for some things but they don't give you complete freedom to combine information and images with active web content like Javascript. They also have limited ability to provide content for tablets, mobile devices, and the connectivity revolution associated with the Internet of Things. While I was able to avoid it for quite a few years, eventually I knew I'd need my own hosted web presence. So here we are...

What you'll find here is organized around three categories - brief blog-style posts, applications and articles. I've learned from prior attempts that I'm not a long-form blogger having failed so far to master the discipline of regularly sitting down and writing out a fuller narrative. I do hope, though, to ease in that direction by having space here for short blog-style updates on projects and items elsewhere that catch my attention. Applications represent the experiments I need a tangible place on the web to fully pursue, and articles will be the rare occasions where there's something more enduring I want to record.

At the moment I have two applications up and running, but only one of them is directly visible as such. That one, "Webcam Window", is a web page I've created to display multiple webcams at once as if they were a single large picture window. The intent there is not so much to share webcam images (though I've picked some good ones), but to give me a way to explore modern web page techniques like layout using CSS Grid. The other, less visible one, is using this site overall to get familar with the growing IndieWeb movement, which leverages a rich range of core web technologies to build a decentralized, people-focused alternative to the "corporate web". Links to those applications are in the navigation bar to the right though you can also reach them via the 'Apps' link in the banner at the top of the page.