So why is my site named 'orangemoose.com'? It's a story that spans many years and a few random connections.

First, like many children growing up in the 1960s I loved TV, cereal and cartoons. For some reason, the jingle for a briefly popular breakfast cereal, Post Crispy Critters, stuck in my head. (I have a lot of things stuck in my head, but that's another story...) Here's the commercial, courtesy of YouTube:

Fast forward many years to the late 1970s when I'd taken my first job. One day, in response to a ringing office phone, one of my colleagues spontaneously sang the first line of the jingle: "Call for Orange Moose, Call for Orange Moose...." Without thinking, I answered with the second "...The greatest moose we could produce...." We were surprised to learn that none of our co-workers had ever heard of the cereal or the jingle, so "Orange Moose" became a running joke between us.

Many years further on, with the popularity of the Internet and my own software development career having shifted to working on web technologies, my wife and children decided to give me an internet domain for Father's Day. They wanted something unique, personally meaningful and not already owned by someone else. 'Orangemoose.com' was the answer.

I know there are other Orange Mooses out there, including the Orange Moose Bar & Grill at the Best Western Arrowhead Lodge in Black River Falls, Wisconsin which happens to have a giant, legendary orange moose lawn ornament. I have no connection to any of them, nor does this site (but I certainly would like to visit the Orange Moose Bar & Grill some day).