I’m an electrical engineer both genetically and by training, and have spent over forty years designing, developing, marketing, selling, and using computers and software. I’ve worked as an individual researcher and developer, managed small exploratory teams, and led full product engineering organizations of over two hundred people. My career path has given me a chance to build tiny embedded devices, mobile and consumer electronics, operating systems and middleware, core web plaform technologies, telecommunications and information systems, and components of large data centers.

This site is where I can share my adventures, experiments, and accumulated knowledge. What you'll find here is organized around three categories -- brief blog-style posts that capture the ebb and flow of what I'm up to, applications built as web pages and/or with web technologies, and longer form articles with more detail on projects, places or experiences. Easy access to those three realms is available through the banner at the top of page, with some direct connections also in the navigation bar to the right.