For the record the blog you’re viewing is based on the open source WordPress content management system, which is widely used for blogs but also has broad, general web site capabilities. WordPress enables easy customization through add-on themes, hundreds of which have been created by the community and shared freely across WordPress sites.  I’m using the ‘Admired‘ theme by Brad Thomas with its Orange skin, plus some minor modifications by me to better match the rest of and suit my personal tastes.

Most of the content is rendered using the open source ‘PT Sans’ font by ParaType, available through Google Fonts.  The page headline, footer content and some other random bits use the open source ‘Mountains of Christmas’ font by Tart Workshop, also available through Google Fonts.

Where I need to embed source code in a post or page I’m using the ‘SyntaxHighlighter Evolved‘ plug-in for WordPress, based on a nifty JavaScript package by Alex Gorbatchev that can also be used separately in web applications and content beyond WordPress.

Oh, and all this is running on DreamHost, a web hosting provider that came highly recommended by friends. I’m still learning my way around their services but I’ve been very impressed so far thanks to the open environment and excellent compatibility with the tools necessary to create content and manage my site.

Welcome to my “new” blog.  Part of the overall reason for is to provide a place for me to capture and share what I’m up to, both just generally as part of my work, home and hobby life, and for any of the steady stream of projects I can’t seem but help to undertake.  I’ve made attempts at blogging before, first on Tumblr and then on, but failed to develop the regular habit of posting. That struck me as odd as I post to Twitter quite frequently and often struggle to fit my answer to Twitter’s “What are you doing?” question in 140 characters. Meanwhile my blog had never gotten beyond a very small number of longer, carefully constructed magazine article-style posts and so failed in its intended role as a diary shared via the web.

So, the blog idea is reborn with two key tweaks. First, I’m going to lean towards more frequent, shorter posts that complement (and probably extend) my Twitter utterances.  Second, it’s part of where I’ll be more regularly tending a variety of posting efforts including software, web applications, and shared media, and therefore where I can work separately on detailed expositions as articles outside the flow of my blog.

Let’s see if it works…

Welcome to WordPress. This is a test post just to see how content, fonts and formatting all come together based on some ongoing tinkering with the ‘Admired’ theme I’ve selected for use with WordPress.  Here comes a couple of cut/pasted paragraphs to give this a feel of a normal post.  Don’t get too attached to it as it’ll eventually go away.

I’m an engineer and tinkerer and needed a place where I could use the Internet to publish results of some of my projects. Facebook, Tumblr and blogs like WordPress are great for some things but they don’t give you complete freedom to combine information and images with active web content like Javascript. They also have limited ability to provide content for tablets, mobile devices, and the coming connectivity revolution associated with the Internet of Things. While I was able to avoid it for quite a few years, eventually I knew I’d need my own hosted web presence. So here we are…

Now some test code. First the full SyntaxHighlighter Extended plugin:

#body {
    background-color: #a0a0a0;
    font-family: MountainsofChristmas;

and then the ‘light’ rendering option of SyntaxHighlighter Extended:

% scp dbryant@ .

and finally use of the <pre> tag:

Raspberry Pi & cameraAnd a paragraph with a picture.  This is a photo of my Raspberry Pi with the camera attached. Installation is not hard, but you do need to be careful with the connector.